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NutriSlim Plus Powder 500 gm


  •  A healthy Ayurvedic drink mix formulated to support weight loss and become slim
  • A meal replacement therapy which helps effectively to shed weight as a part of calorie controlled diet
  • Available in delicious chocolate flavor.
  • Recommended age group is 16 years & above


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Ayurwin’s Nutrislim plus Powder is a product for maintaining slim, slender and healthy body and best suggested for natural weight loss. It meets the minimum basic calorie requirements of the body. It helps in absorbing the required nutrients, vitamins, minerals to the body by the food or from the medicines in Nutrislim Plus powder in-taken. It is a High fiber drink, which fills the stomach of a person & makes one feel Full & Satisfied.

High Fibers in Nutrislim Plus Powder helps in bringing the satiety. The Lashuna & haridra works on reducing formed cholesterol (fat) in the body and also helps in avoiding formation of new fat cells in the body. Pippali & Chitraka – corrects the Digestive system & Fat metabolism. Haritaki helps in purification of body from unwanted materials and helps in easy elimination of them. The individuals consuming Nutrislim Plus Powder will be fit and healthy

  • Nutrislim Plus Powder Ayurvedic Product hence it is safe and is the weight loss product with a difference.

  • Nutrislim Plus Powder is 100% natural.

  • Nutrislim Plus Powder burns down excess fat deposited in the body & offers a slimmer shape

  • Nutrislim Plus Powder keeps one Light & active on shedding weight

  • Nutrislim Plus Powder helps in redusingthe cholesterol levels in the body.

  • It is a High fibre drink, which fills a person & makes him feel satisfied, hence avoids repeated false hunger

  • As Nutrislim plus is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine, hence safe.

Directions for usage: Add 20 gms (2 scoops) of Nutrislim powder in glass and add 50 ml of warm skimmed milk or warm water, stir till it becomes paste without any lumps, add another 150 ml of warm skimmed milk or warm water and stir homogenously. Advised to take once/twice a day.

Dosage: 20 gms powder in 200 ml of milk/warm water in the morning in place of breakfast and at night in place of dinner or you can replace only dinner or only breakfast.


  • Not recommended for Renal patients (Severe kidney Complications), Pregnant woman & lactating mothers

  • Dosage of powder & results may vary from person to person depending upon their Age, gender, metabolism and life style

Each 20g powder contains Hyd-alc* Extracts of:

Sanskrit Name Botanical name Form Quantity
Haridra Ext* Curcuma longa Rz Ext* Powder 100 mg
Amalaki Ext* Emblica officinalis Fr Ext* Powder 80 mg
Haritaki Ext* Terminalia chebula Fr Ext* Powder 90 mg
Vibitaki Ext* Terminalia bellirica Fr Ext* Powder 60 mg
Chitraka Ext* Plumbago zeylanica Rt Ext* Powder 80 mg
Methika Ext* Trigonella foenum graecum Sd Ext* Powder 45 mg
Lashuna Ext* Allium sativum BI Ext* Powder 25 mg
Vrukshamla Ext* Garcinia cambogia Fr Ext* Powder 150 mg
Pippali Ext* Piper longum Fr Ext* Powder 80 mg
Vacha Ext* Acorus calamus Rz Ext* Powder 40 mg

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