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Nutrigain Plus Powder 500 gm


  •  Nutrigain Plus drink is An Ayurvedic drink which helps in weight gain through natural and herbal ingredients
  •  Nutrigain Plus Powder is an ayurvedic drink mix formulated to support weight gain and become fit
  •  Nutrigain Plus Powder acts as an Ayurvedic supplementary
  •  Available only in chocolate Flavor
  •  Recommended age group is 16 years & above


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Nutrigain+ Powder helps individuals to increase weight by improving metabolic rate to give more energy naturally from the food one consumes. The chief ingredients present in it are Ashwagandha and Shatavari. Researchers have claimed that both these herbs are very helpful to gain weight & to increase the bulk of the body without any side effects.

Ingredients such as ashwagandha, musali, gokshura, shatavari are the rasayana herbs which enhance the strength & vitality of an individual. Kharjura, Draksha are the micronutrients for adding on to the better nutrients & also they are a good source of Natural sugars & potent bioavailable herbs such as pippali & maricha increase the appetite & corrects the digestion

  • Increases metabolic rate of body thereby increases weight & energy naturally from the food intaken.

  • Improves bulk & increases weight of the body

  • Available in delicious Chocolate Flavor

  • 25 gms powder in 200 ml of milk after breakfast in morning and after dinner in the evening.

  • As Nutrigain+ is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine, hence safe

Directions for usage: Add 25 gms(2 scoops heap) of Nutrigain+ powder to 50 ml of warm milk(if milk is not suitable you can use water), stir till it becomes paste without any lumps, add another 150 ml of warm milk and stir homogenously. Add sugar if required to taste.

Dosage: 25 gms powder in 200 ml of milk/water after breakfast in morning and after dinner in the evening.


  • Not recommended for Diabetic, Pregnant woman & lactating mothers

  • Dosage of powder & results may vary from person to person depending upon their Age, gender, metabolism and life style

Each 25g powder contains Hyd-alc* Extracts of:

Sanskrit Name Botanical name Form Quantity
Ashwagandha Ext* Withania somnifera Rt Ext* Powder 175 mg
Amalaki Ext* Emblica officinalis Fr Ext* Powder 100 mg
Gokshura Ext* Tribulus terrestris Wh. Pl Ext* Powder 100 mg
Shatavad Ext* Asparagus racemosus Rt Ext* Powder 125 mg
Draksha Ext* Vitis Vinifera Fr Ext* Powder 125 mg
Kharjura Ext* Phoenix dactylifera Fr Ext* Powder 125 mg
Sariva Ext* Hemidesmus indicus Rt Ext* Powder 125 mg
Pippali Ext* Piper longum Fr Ext* Powder 25 mg
Maricha Ext* Piper nigrum Fr Ext* Powder 25 mg
Shunti Ext* Zingiber officinale Rz Ext* Powder 25 mg
Jeeraka Ext* Cuminum cyminum Sd Ext' Powder 25 mg

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